Annie’s Homegrown Mac N’ Cheese vs. Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Mac N’ Cheese


annie'sTrader Joe's










Annie’s Rice and Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese Vs. Trader Joe’s Rice Cheddar & Pasta

Who does not like macaroni and cheese?  Just because gluten is off limits does not mean that you cannot enjoy a bowl of “good old” mac n’ cheese; as long as it is gluten free!  In fact in my house, this is a go to meal when I just feel too tired or do not feel like cooking.

Annie’s and Trader Joe’s mac n’ cheese are very similar.  In my opinion I do not prefer one over the other.  Both brands are gluten free and GMO free.  As with all rice pasta’s, it has a slightly nutty flavor to go along with it.  Annie’s mac n’ cheese texture is more gooey than Trader Joe’s.  Trader Joe’s mac n’ cheese is a more firmer pasta, and in my opinion slightly more cheesy.  However, all in all I think they are just as good, but I just love mac n’ cheese in general!

Cost: Annie’s gluten free mac n’ cheese if your lucky and find it at Target will cost you $2.04, otherwise at a regular supermarket it costs $4 and up.  Trader Joe’s gluten free mac n’ cheese is only $1.99.

*As soon as I buy a box of Trader Joe’s mac n’ cheese again, I will be sure to post a product picture.



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