Product Review: Organic Baby Clothes at Costco


Costco: Organic Baby Clothes!

I was just was at Costco about a week ago, and so excited when I saw that they now carry (at least at my Costco) organic baby sleepwear!  Every time I go to Costco I browse through the baby clothes just to see what they have at a reasonable deal.  I only bought one 3 month sleeper for my son (who is not born yet), but will buy more in the future, as they carry several more designs and sizes; I believe up to 24 months if I am not mistaken.

Why organic sleepwear?  Oftentimes, baby sleepwear is coated in flame retardant, which we all know is not good for anyone despite what the FDA likes to promote.  Flame retardant in sleepwear might prevent fire, but so does using less chemicals in sleepwear.  In fact wool by itself is often used as a flame retardant (which is why it is used in place of flame retardants in organic mattresses).  But enough about that…

Cost: $7.99

The material is very soft, 100% organic cotton, and in my opinion very cute!  It seems to be very durable!  The review will continue when our little guy is born and wears it.

baby clothes organic 1Baby clothes 2 Organic

Baby Clothes 3 organic


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