Trader Joe’s Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti Pasta: A Review


Trader Joe’s Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti: A Review

Trader’s Joe’s gluten free spaghetti in my opinion is not my first choice.  I personally buy it because the cost is cheap, $1.99 and it’s organic.  Maybe I still have memories of regular glutenized spaghetti, since its only been a year…This spaghetti sticks together (as is usual with brown rice pastas), which you can remedy slightly by adding extra salt to the water.  The spaghetti is also fairly gooey.  A little goes a long way, as in you can make yourself overly full if you eat too much, since it is very dense in the rice ingredient.

Ingredients: Organic brown rice and water

Package states: Gluten-free, sodium-free, Kosher certified, USDA organic, etc.

Cost: $1.99

***If anyone has found a favorite organic gluten free spaghetti feel to share in the comments.  Thanks!

trader joe's spaghetti

-Image was taken from Google images, which came from  (I will replace it with my own picture soon)



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