Maninis: Gluten Free Flour Review


Maninis: All purpose gluten free flour

A Review:

While most gluten free all purpose mixes normally say “use with any recipe calling for all purpose flour,” this company does not state that.  I am happy that they do not state that, as I believe that is a fallacy, as gluten recipes are so different from gluten free recipes.  For one, gluten free flours do not really rise.  All flours are not created equal!  Maninis gluten free all purpose flour simply states that you can find recipes to use their flour with on their website.

Why I like Maninis gluten free all purpose flour: It’s all organic!  And its rice free.  As one Celiac to another, I know how much more rice we eat than regular gluten eating people.  Variety is better.  Not to mention the recent scare of arsenic in rice, which has made me more cautious of eating excess rice, which obviously is still unfortunately a major staple in my diet.  Apart, from making my own gluten free flour mix (which I may do in the future to cut costs), this helps eliminate the normal rice flour found in most gluten free all purpose flours.

This is by far the best gluten free flour I have found (I use this in most of my recipes that use flour, such as my banana bread).  The consistency is great, as well as the neutral flavor that makes you feel like your eating regular gluten flour in recipes.  Also, Maninis has many bread flour mixes that are superb, the best gluten free bread I have yet to taste or make!  So moist, and well it tastes just like the bread of the old days (gluten days)!  You can find their other mixes here:

They also have fresh pasta that you may be able to purchase in your area (however, not where I live, so I have yet to taste them), see here.

Online cost (the price recently went up): $18.99 for their all purpose 5 lb. mix (plus shipping: $12).

Click on pictures for ingredients and zoom in.  Pictures taken from here.

maninismaninis ingredients


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